Interior Flooring & Wall Estimation

We are a company that offers Interior Flooring & Wall Estimation.

Exterior Flooring & Wall Estimation

We are a company that offers Exterior Flooring & Wall Estimation.

Dry Wall Estimation

We are a company that offers Dry Wall Estimation.

Mill Work Estimation

We are a company that offers Millwork Estimation.

MEP Estimation

We are a company that offers MEP Estimation .

Construction Estimators

We offer state of art Construction ,Demolition & Renovation estimators.

Quality Estimation Services

at an affordable rate.

Client around the world


Successfully working in construction industry of america.


 Working in construction industry of Canada with passion.


Working with the clients of UAE successfully.


Satisfying our client demand in UK aswell.

About Us

We Have a team of professional estimators equipped with all the technical expertise along with a vast array of hands-on experience of estimation capable to handle complex jobs in short deadlines. Keeping into consideration the constant surge in demand in construction industry and short deadlines out team offers a competitive service package which includes all that it requires to win a bid “from Experience to technical expertise “at an affordable rate. We here at Hollister take each of the bid personally as important as any other in order to make sure you have a high success rate with all of your bids.

Unlike most other estimation consultants our service just not ends with the wining of the bid but our company make sure to support you in the entire process from wining the bid to successfully completing the project, accommodating all the updates needed later on once the project begins, in order to make sure you don’t face any inconvenience


Hollister believes in “Ultimate Goal Of Mutual Success”

It is not just about winning it is beyond that, we look forward to cut down your time and cost so that you can focus on getting more jobs thus achieving the ultimate goal of mutual success.


Our satisfied client is our strength that makes us successfully move a head in the industry reaching far out the number of projects.

Quality Check

Consistency is the key to success, in order to maintain that successfully we have imposed compelling check and balance through which each of the project passes before our team hand overs project to its client eliminating any chance of error.

Software’s We Use

1-Measure Square 18
2-Measure RFMS
4-Blue Beam
6-Plan Swift


1-Making your deadlines our commitment or priority.

2-We ensure quality service at an Affordable rates

3-Providing Cutting edge estimation services through our highly qualified and experienced team.

4-Open to discuss and work on your requirement software.

5-Our services can be tailored according to the client requirements.

If you require estimators on a contract basis, we can also provide you that.
We offer hourly and monthly subscriptions depending what suites your requirement

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